5 Mentor Texts to Teach Classroom Expectations

The First Weeks of School

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As teachers, we all know the first few weeks of school will always be filled with learning and relearning classroom routines and expectations.  Many of us have a few classics we like to read to model the behaviors we are looking for in our classroom communities. I noticed, just reading the text and simple conversations weren’t helping students make those real-life connections that I hoped for.

5 Books that Teach Classroom Procedures

This week in my Guided Reading with a Purpose curriculum I chose 5 mentor texts that focused on back-to-school routines, as well as real-life problem and solution connections.
After digging through my classroom collections and collaborating with other teacher friends, I selected 5 books for guided reading that will help teach classroom procedures and expectations:

Personal Space Camp mentor text to teach classroom expectations
This book addresses personal space, understanding what our bodies need, and how to calm our bodies so they are ready to learn and others can too!

Don't Squeal Unless It's a Big Deal mentor text to teach classroom expectations
This book address the difference between a tell and a tattle, a big deal vs. small deal and when is it right to get an adult and when I, the student can solve it myself.

I Just Want To Do It My Way mentor text for classroom expectations
This book addresses knowing that it’s ok to ask for help, when to ask for help, the positive effects of asking and the negative of when you don’t.

Lacey Walker, Non-Stop Talker mentor text for classroom expectations
This book addresses how to be a good listener, how to wait our turn to talk and the positive effects of listening and negative effects tuning out.

The Girl That Never Made Mistakes mentor text for teaching classroom expectations
This book addresses the anxiety that some students face as they work at school and the worry they feel over making a mistake. It talks about how mistakes are ok , and are actually important. 

More About Using These 5 Guided Reading with a Purpose Resources 

Throughout the week students will have the opportunity to extend their learning of the theme by trying to solve similar problems that we encounter within these stories that we read.  Each guided reading resource listed above has a plethora of included comprehension activities, writing prompts, a unique craft, conversation cards, home connection materials and more that will help students as they predict, analyze and reflect on our comprehension strategy of problem and solution while that oh, so important classroom routines and expectations theme stays strong.  

This free problem and solution bookmark is a small component that is always included in my Guided Reading with a Purpose units and is perfect as a take-home token for school-guardian connections or a reminder in small group instruction.  
Guided Reading with a Purpose Freebie
I absolutely love how this Guided Reading with a Purpose week focused on classroom routines and expectations meets more than the typical “rules” we like to teach. The lessons have positive approaches and require self-reflection and application. I hope you find it as helpful and rewarding as I have. 
Click on the image below to take a closer look at this week’s Guided Reading with a Purpose resource. Want to learn more about Guided Reading with a Purpose curriculum?  Read about it in this previous blog post
I wish you the best of luck this school year as you meet your new students and work together through classroom routines and expectations creating that just right classroom community. I know this resource will support you on that journey!

Guided Reading with a Purpose Classroom Expectations Bundle

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