How I Eased My Distance Learning Anxiety

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If you are anything like me the upcoming school year has you a bit overwhelmed or frazzled. There are so many unknowns in many aspects of our life right now. Have you been  trying to figure out how you will be teaching this coming school year or how you will deliver the learning effectively? I was too, but Instead of spiraling and getting nowhere, I decided to take charge of what I can control. What I feel confident in is knowing what students need and my ability to meet those needs in a variety of ways. I suppose digital teaching will be added to our tool bags. 

I do know that no matter if students are learning from home or school , I want to deliver thorough, organized content to students so we can start building consistency the first week. The solution I found was creating a second grade daily lesson plans and activities unit  designed for use in Google or  for paper pencil. I created 5 individual sets of Google slides (80+ pages each) to make your way through instruction each day with ease and have been grouping them by week. 

The subjects covered in theses slides are Word Work, Spelling, Grammar, Writing, Reading Comprehension (you choose which story you want to read, but I do make suggestions), and Math instruction. All lesson are based on the Common Core State Standards so you are meeting grade level expectations.

In addition, I have included all of the worksheets for your students. You can print them and send them home each week or use them in the classroomIf you are only digital, no worries, they are on Google as well.

Each week has summary of what's included as well as a standards based alignment guide, and detailed lesson delivery suggestions. 

In the morning, I would share and complete the slides with my students. Then, after the morning meeting, students can complete their classwork for the day. You can use screen share on Google Meets or whatever platform you are using. If there is something you don't want to teach, simply delete the slides pertaining to that instruction. You can of course supplement your own curriculum where you want, but won't need to with this standards based design.

Teaching in SEESAW?  I have included all of the files as a png image so you can easily upload them to Seesaw. Due to the size of these units, they DO NOT come pre loaded. It will be up to you to add them to your lessons.

Here is another glimpse of what is included in each week:

  • Daily Google Slides that can be used in person or over a video conference.
  • All of the worksheets to be printed if at home or in person.
  • YouTube links to other helpful videos for instruction
  • Each day comes with typed lesson plans on how I suggest to share with students.
  • Flexibility to go between in person and at home instruction.
  • Standards based mapped out.

From my 13 plus years of teaching I have found that consistency is huge in how my students perform.  If they are presented information the same way either in school or at home, it will be easier for all of us involved, students, parents and of course us as teachers. This is why I created each week to have very similar if not identical structure with different information. This predictability will be huge, especially in a year of uncertainty. 

If this sounds like something that would be helpful to you, WEEK 1 is DONEWEEK 2 is available here!

Here are some things to note...

  • I will have the first 4 weeks done each month before September. (Each week will be available weeks in advance moving forward. 
  • I will be bundling them every 4 weeks
  • If you want to buy them week by week and get the bundle price, make sure you are following me on TPT. I offer the bundle price the 1st 24 hours. You can follow me by clicking HERE
  • The curriculum map is subject to change. I will post updated changes to the file on TpT if there are any.

Want to know more? Try the first day for free by clicking HERE!

To check out the weeks already completed click below on the images.

I wish you the best of luck as we move into this uncharted territory. I hope that this helps you to ease the anxiety of distance learning this year. Remember we got this! 


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