An End of the Year Student Gift that is Sure to Make an Impact

Hey friends, 
Looking for the perfect end of the year gift for your students and families? Or simply want to celebrate the ending of a crazy school year in a memorable way that honors your time together with your kiddos? These slideshow templates are the perfect end of the year student gift that is sure to make an impact. 
Memory slideshows are something I have done for my past 14 years of teaching and it’s one of my favorite things to do. The kids and their families love it and it’s something they will always cherish because it’s so meaningful. After the abrupt end of the year I wanted to help classrooms end on a positive note by showcasing all the happy memories experienced throughout the school year. 
I decided to combine all my editable templates and get them into PowerPoint and Google Slides so other teachers could create these priceless slideshow keepsakes with their students too. 
  • There are now over 90 unique frames that are set and ready to go for you in both PowerPoint and Google Slides as well as 170 blank frames for you to customize!
  • I also included clipart & pre-made phrases for you to customize blank slides.
  • You can even add music in PowerPoint slideshows!

Click on any of the links below to see these digital end of year slideshow templates up close
Each Slide has a clean, eye-catching frame with transparent centers for easy insert of photos. No more cropping to perfect sizes, simply send photos to back and you have a beautiful slide ready to be presented or printed. Want to add more text, simply add a text box and type away! I have included instructional videos if you need them on how to edit .
You can even print with black and white templates to send a physical copy to your students. 
I know the ending of this school year isn't like we planned. I am hoping the option of an end of the year slideshow will help your kiddos and their families have a positive sense of closure and smile when they look book at all your fun memories! Click on the links above to check out an end of the year student gift that is sure to make an impact

Let me know if you have any questions. I am always happy to help! 

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