Engaging Winter Activities for the Classroom

Hey there friends,
I wanted to share my favorite winter time activities that are sure to please you and your students! Let's keep your kiddos engaged and you sane this winter! 

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Holidays Around the World: I always wanted to cover a variety of holidays but never had all the time. This is why I created this unit full of variety. You can pick and choose what activities you have time for and still feel satisfied with what you taught. This year I added print and go trifolds, perfect for centers, morning work, guided reading groups or parent volunteers to do with your students

Winter Themed STEM: This year I have two winter themed STEM resources. "How to Catch an Elf" and "How to Catch a Snowman" They are so much fun and the kids learn so much! I always thought STEM projects would be so much work. You simply have to lay the groundwork for expectations of behaviors and basic procedures, then sit back and observe the magic.  I was a changed teacher after my first time doing "How to Catch a Snowman" last year.  Each unit has all the directions and even literacy extensions you will need! You just supply the basic materials for construction (most can be found in your classroom or recycle bin ha!)

Need something to send home with students to keep them learning, parents asking for work or want to send an educational gift home for the holidays?
My Snow Day Pack is full of fun learning activities from baking, STEM, math with measurement, game design, journaling and more! 

My Winter Writing Journal is always a big hit with kids and parents. I love to offer rewards to kids that bring them back after break with stories to share. They can read them on the microphone, hang them up for others to see, some have gotten extra tech time to type them. I also offer classroom cash and a fun pencil as a fun prize! It has all the support materials you will need for your writers read to print, staple and send home! 

You will be on break so soon, relaxing in sweats....can't you see it now? I hope you have a great last week with your nuggets!


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