Summer Writing Journal

Hey there friends, 

Every spring I get parents worried about keeping their child's academics fresh over the summer. They are looking for activities or programs to help support various areas of the curriculum. One area I love to keep kids working is on is their writing. I know how much the expectations jump from year to year and if there is a way I can help support that transition and growth I'm going to.

I used to use the generic composition notebooks for writing journals, but I decided a few years back that I wanted their everyday, free style writing to align with our more focused writing expectations. The more that our kids were exposed to the format, graphic organizers, checklists and other tools the better. We have seen nothing but improvement since we made this transition.

So, to avoid that "summer slump" I decided to modify my daily in class journal with a summer theme. There is a large variety of writer's tools to support all learners. This allows you to tailor your summer writing journal to exactly what your kids need or add it all!

This year I am including:

  • A summer vocab word list organized from a to z
  • Prompt ideas for stumped writers
  • "What I might want to write about" graphic organizer 
  • Writing checklists, brainstorm sheets and other graphic organizers
  • Commonly misspelled words 
  • Transition lists for: opinion, narrative, informative 
  • And of course... writing paper! 

Some years I have even offered prizes for kids that write a certain amount of stories in their summer writing journal. (Like a book, fancy pencil or pen or even certificate) They can drop them off to me in the fall or meet the teacher night. The kids love showing it off and I love seeing my kiddos again. I have gotten great feedback from not only parents and students, but summer school teachers and tutors who love using the journal to guide and support their students.

If you want to see more of the product click on the image above.

I hope you have a great summer and cheers to sunshine and relaxation.

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