February Update

How is it Already February?

So, I feel like I blinked and now it is February. Rush, rush, rush after winter break to get back in routine and now we are approaching another break next week! I hope you are handling this winter well!

Life: Teacher+Mom= TIRED
This last month we have been working hard to establish some new routines and norms with my two boys. My oldest son has Autism and our youngest is currently struggling with transitions and overall excitement for school. Say what?! I’m a teacher and one of my kiddos isn’t loving school. That is stressful FOR SURE. So my husband and I have been working overtime to assess the situation and support him how we can. We luckily have had a few weekends away with the family at the cabin to relax and enjoy quality time together!BUT I am going to be honest when I say I have had a few moments of pure emotional exhaustion. I made a little mindfulness journal and so far it has really been helping me to put things into perspective and get through the muckiness. 
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What have I been working on TPT?

Wait what? It’s 1AM and I am still working on a product?! #tptteachermomstruggle
Jokesaside,Ihavebeenworkingonmy new writing unit series which I amLOVEing. I have created a narrative writing unit, and opinion with informative on the way. They are full of my favorite graphic organizers, writing templates, posters, checklists, anchor papers, rubrics and more. Each unit also has a few lesson ideas and an explanation of how I use each piece throughout the unit.

Teaching theme this month:Kindness

We have had so much snow/ice here in Washington we have had to miss a few days in February and it’s currently snowing now! I am really excited to start working on all our kindness activities, including our new journal!! I love being intentional with the teaching of compassion and kindness. The discussions we have and their ideas on how to show kindness are absolutely priceless.
Kindness JournalEach Kindness Book Companion ActivitiesKindness Activities Book Companions and Posters BundleKindness Bookmarks


I made a fun little kindness freebie with a coloring activity and word search. 
It is part of my Kindness Matters Pack.

Teaching Tip: Accommodating your slow workers

We all have those kiddos that take a long time to get things done. Maybe they are perfectionists, lost in thought or adding intricate details in every which way. We don’t want to rush them, but help them to be mindful of the time they are taking. It can become a cycle of anxiousness when a kiddo is so worried about not finishing they cannot even get started.
Supplies to help: Timers
I have six different kitchen timers in my classroom I keep in the front of the room in my sensory bin.
What next:
At first I suggest that they might want to use a timer to help them be on task. At first I ask, “How long do you think this problem/portion should take?” I always go with their choice the first few times. They always over estimate and when they have time left it is SO motivating and rewarding to those kiddos.. I mean we are high-fiving. Soon, when they build up that confidence I can challenge them by taking 30 seconds off their estimate. They always rise to the occasion. I also like to set a timer on my watch so I can be checking in as well. Sometimes you might have to touch base. Once I introduce these many kids want to try. That’s ok. They novelty wears off, but the kids who actually need it realize its worth and we all reap the rewards.

I got mine from Lakeshore: 

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