Game Time: MOBI

Hey there!

I love games! When I see a new game that I think my students and my own kids would love I buy it! This game was an easy purchase because it is all about manipulating numbers and my oldest is obsessed with math. I wish I grew up with a love for math like him.

The game... 

The game is called MOBI. It is a lot like Bananagrams, except it is with numbers. There are blue number tiles and white operation tiles. Kids will draw 5-7 number tiles depending on how many players there are. They have access to all the operation tiles. (Click on the image to check out on Amazon)

The skill

Kids will be working on their number sense skills and computational fluency forming different number sentences using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You can remove multiplication and division for a simpler game.

Why I love it... 

I love this game because it is so differentiated naturally. Kids can do as simple or as complex of a number sentence as they can handle. I always leave all operation tile options out because it allows for that challenge component. If students don't use them, no worries! Finally, this game makes for an easy prep center to have a parent volunteer run. I typed up simple directions  and game basics for volunteers and to have displayed when it is used as an in-class center.


I made a fun activity to extend the learning where kiddos record 4 number sentences they used, 2 of their most challenging number sentences and get to create their own new puzzle! Just click on the image and you can check it out in my store for FREE!

Have fun!!

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