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So last week we started our unit on mapping and landforms. Our social studies curriculum is unfortunately rather bland and leaves little hands on practice for our kiddos. So reviewed all the main components that my nuggets were expected to know by the end of the unit and I created some interactive games and activities to help reinforce all the necessary mapping skills they would need.

Next, I went into town and found a variety of different city maps. The local train, bus station or city center are great spots to pick up maps. You can also go online and search your city for walking maps.

After I had all my maps ( I looked like a crazy tourist by the way) I put my students in groups of 2. I gave each group one map and they each got their own mapping activity.

The kids worked together to find specific things on the map. At the end we shared out what we found and the landmarks they would want to visit and why. (They loved that part)

I HIGHLY suggest getting actual maps, the kids felt so grown up and really enjoyed the activity. Many of them had never looked at a real paper map before.

The next day I had the kids design their own maps of make believe cities. I passed back out the maps from the previous day to give them some ideas on what they should add. I also included a dream bedroom activity which they always love, but doesn’t include landforms of course.

After they completed their own imaginary place maps they got with partners to play “I’ll Race you There” or “That Be My Treasure” 
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I also created printable compass dice or spinner options.

I wanted to share one of the fun games I created as well as the compass spinner and dice. FREEBIE TIME:

I hope you have fun exploring with your kiddos!

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