Blurt Beans to the Rescue

Hey there!

We've all had chatty classes before, but this year my kiddos were having an even harder time than I was used too. I had tried my regular go to strategies and they just weren't working. So I started doing some blog hopping and research to find the support that I needed... BLURT BEANS!

What you need...

1. A container to hold your beans in waiting or lost beans
2. A clear container to show growth/goals/incentives
3. Beans
4. Containers for desk to hold the beans ( I bought stackable pill containers from the Dollar Tree and put wall Tac 'N Stik under each of them them to hold them on the desks.)

Before I introduced the beans I decided to read a few different stories on the importance of not blurting or interrupting. We had great discussion and even made some anchor charts on what it looked like to be a good listener.

I made sure to let kids now that a busy body/body noises are like blurting too (clapping, clicking our mouths, snapping fingers, etc.) It's not just words that can interrupt someone. (This has been huge for my class)

The stories I chose were:

"Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse" -speaking to how objects and not paying attention is just as diruptive
"Interrupting Chicken"
"My Mouth is a Volcano"
"Lacey Walker, NONSTOP TALKER"

After two days of focused teaching about the effects of blurting on those around us and our learning I decided to introduce Blurt Beans.


1. I put 4 beans in each kiddos blurt bin each morning.

2. Every time they have a blurt I hold the sign language letter "b" close to me, make eye contact and the kids go and put a blurt bean in the discard container. I have also quietly approached kids if they are not paying attention (ha ha)

3. At the end of the day I have all the kids come put their Blurt Beans in the Incentive Jar.


I chose 4 incentives which I will change from time to time.

1. 10 minutes of extra recess
2. 20 minutes of free time
3. 30 minutes of extra recess
4. Popcorn & movie party!

Make that first incentive pretty easy to achieve. We earned our first 10 minutes of bonus recess within two days! The 10 minutes I lost in instruction time for the incentive will be nothing compared to the time I will be gaining by intentionally teaching about being a respectful listener. PLUS we need to find positives in every situation if we can!

Good luck to you!