Hey there,

It's been a while... wait is that how I always start these posts? LOL..

Anyway, so I just got back from the TPT conference in Orlando and it was amazing. I learned a lot of new tips and tricks on how to make better materials to help myself and others in the classroom. I also got to hang out with some awesome friends and of course I enjoyed some sunshine and maybe a Disney ice cream sundae or two. ha ha!

During the fabulous lectures of course I took diligent notes in the only way I know how, which apparently is called sketchnoting. I have always taken notes this way. I was asked by several people if they could take pictures. I had never really thought of my notes and doodles as picture worthy but it was pretty fun to share. 

So, what is sketchnoting aka visual note taking?

It is a process of reflecting your ideas non-linguistically aka drawing pictures along with written notes. I have always done a quick sketch next to key ideas and other stand out facts I want to remember. It really helps me to focus in on the concepts that otherwise blend into the other facts/notes. 

I have been thinking on how I could share this style of note taking/organizing and thought I would start with a simple to do list to see what people thought. I am hoping to branch out from here. I know there are people like me out there that need those visuals or maybe you just want some flare to your everyday bland to do list.

Check out the to do lists below. It is on TPT for free all this week! Just click on the pics below to enjoy your freebies! Please let me know what you think. I LOVE doing this and would be happy to take ideas on needs and wants.

Have a great night!

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