Math Toolkit

Hey there,

So the year is wrapping up and I always like to reflect on what has worked and what didn't. This spring I went from typical seating in my classroom to flexible seating (allowing my kids to choose their work space at various styles of seating around the room). I have LOVED this new formation, but with the new space comes challenges of organization. Luckily, I LOVE to organize.. seriously I dream about it... ha ha...

Anyway, with my new arrangement in mind I decided that having a math toolkit assigned to each kid with all the math tools we would need throughout the year would really help with storage and transitions. So I created these kits and I am super happy with the final product!

Included in the kit is:

I even attached the labels I made below if you want to create your own little toolkits! I am especially excited about the key inside the kit. FREEBIE!

Math Toolkit: FREEBIE
Have a great week and a fun end of the year!!

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