Double Digits, Subtraction, Regrouping... OH MY!

Hey there!

I just have a quick post tonight about a great hands on tool I used with my 2nd graders when teaching regrouping with subtraction (OH MY). I don't know about your kids but mine were staring at me like a deer in the headlights when I introduced not only double digit subtraction, but with regrouping?! Wait... what is regrouping? Yep, I felt bad for my little nuggets. Luckily, I had spotted a teammate using these little gems when we were working with place value earlier in the year. I decided to make the numbers more visual to the kids and really show those numbers moving. Oh wow I saw lightbulbs go off. It was great I even did a teacher happy dance (true story). Physically moving those tens and ones right in front of them really helped my kiddos make the connection. We also have been chanting A LOT.. "If there's more on the floor...You go next door!" They love that one.

I hope you can use this and if you already are AWESOME! I am not saying that I invented this approach by any means but, if one other teacher sees this, uses it and kids connect... success!


Ready, Set...Write!


So I have had a few people ask me if I would compile all of my writing templates and organizers. I am happy to say that I finally have done it. I am so excited to share this, mostly because I LOVE being organized and if you are anything like me you will love having all of these templates in one place. I have included lots of different options to keep your little writers focused and on track. Cheers to making your life easier! Just click on the cover below to check it out on TPT.


Hey there!

It has been a while since I have posted. I had the blog redone and was inspired to take flight with creative posts and glimpses into my classroom. Unfortunately, life struck at that moment as well. My oldest has been struggling with what we believe is more then ADHD. It has been a long, reflective couple of months and we are just in the beginning stages of the evaluation process. This whole experience has really made me evaluate my teaching and what I can do better to help support kids with sensory and attention obstacles, that may not have a definite diagnosis, but there are more kids then you realize that are struggling in our classrooms everyday. Just some food for thought...