Classroom Move!

Hey there!

So, I am moving classrooms for the next school year. I moved in all my treasures in the spring and chose not to think about it until about a week ago... (pretty good right?!) Well, I wish I would have gotten a true before picture but I thought I would share some of the progress.

So... not too bad... well for an OCDer... I mean organization freak this was not good. HAHA!

I cannot believe I put it off this long. I had the hardest time choosing location of my desk and small group space, etc. I also had a listening center that took up way to much real estate (Until I got an awesome idea...stay tuned)

So, I decided on a small group space, which I love. I am going to set up kiddo work display and Wonders (our ELA curriculum) display.

My favorite IKEA leaves are up and I think I am ditching my giant mailboxes for the green IKEA cubby tubs.

Library is almost ready to go, just need to switch out broken tubs with new ones. I am also trying a new rectangle table out in the library space this year.

Stay tuned for more updates to the room. Wish me luck!


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