Learning Targets

Hey there!

So I'm sure your school is the same as mine in the fact that all the talk is over learning targets and learning goals. My team has been working hard to focus in on those goals/targets in a kid friendly way. We want it to be useful, meaningful and attainable (lets be honest, there needs to be more time in the day.. AHH)

Anyway, after cruising through Pinterest looking for new ways revamp my ideas I was inspired by a mix of ideas. It is so simple and I'm sure I am not the first, but it is working well in my room so I thought I would share.

I made each kiddo a popsicle stick and 3 cups with labels: "I got this" "I am unsure" and "I need help"
After I have completed the mini-lesson and guided problems and have sent my students on to independence I cycle around the room as I would normally checking in. Now though I give them their popsicle stick as I walk around. After the kids have attempted the work independently I remind them to "let me know how you feel". Kids trickle up and place their popsicle sticks in the cup. I instantly see my small group who has immediate needs, the kids I need to check in with and those kids who can proceed to math centers with minimal check in. What they love is moving their sticks from unsure or help to I got it.

It is instant feedback for me and for the students! So far I am loving it.



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