Forest Unit

Hey there!

So I just finished up my forest unit that I have been working on for a while now. I also thought I would throw in a fun FREEBIE!! Two non-fiction passages as well as a compare and contrast activity. Make sure to check them out! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


Hey there!

So I have a double celebration in the works... You may have noticed that I updated my blog and my brand name (THANK YOU Alexis at Laugh Eat Learn for your amazing design).

Now that I am back in 2nd grade I didn't want to be grade specific (even though I never created primarily for first) Anyway,  I'm excited to now be "Having Fun First" which really represents me more! ALSO exciting....I now have over 100 followers on TPT (hey baby steps)

To celebrate I will be having a sale in my store all week as well as a few fun freebies! The first freebie is a from my brand new print & go We Will Miss You Book. I have an amazing kiddo moving this week and wanted to create a fun keepsake for him and a way for the kids to say goodbye in a meaningful way!

Just click on the fun farewell poem below to download your free copy!
Click on the preview to download the whole pack!


Don't forget to go check out the sale in my TPT store Having Fun First

5..4..3..2..1.. Space unit is complete!!

Hey there!

I am so excited that I just finished my latest non-fiction unit on space. I can't wait to use it with my 2nd graders this year especially since I just got an amazing space grant funded Donor's Choose!

The unit is jam packed with graphic organizers, templates, report options, non-fiction passages with comprehension, math activities, science activities, art and so much more!

Wait.. there's more (ha ha.. I couldn't resist!) I decided to give you a little freebie from the unit. Check it out!

Click on the link below to get your freebie!

If you love the freebie make sure to check out the full space unit on TPT!

Classroom Move!

Hey there!

So, I am moving classrooms for the next school year. I moved in all my treasures in the spring and chose not to think about it until about a week ago... (pretty good right?!) Well, I wish I would have gotten a true before picture but I thought I would share some of the progress.

So... not too bad... well for an OCDer... I mean organization freak this was not good. HAHA!

I cannot believe I put it off this long. I had the hardest time choosing location of my desk and small group space, etc. I also had a listening center that took up way to much real estate (Until I got an awesome idea...stay tuned)

So, I decided on a small group space, which I love. I am going to set up kiddo work display and Wonders (our ELA curriculum) display.

My favorite IKEA leaves are up and I think I am ditching my giant mailboxes for the green IKEA cubby tubs.

Library is almost ready to go, just need to switch out broken tubs with new ones. I am also trying a new rectangle table out in the library space this year.

Stay tuned for more updates to the room. Wish me luck!


Brain Escape

Hey there!

I'm sure like me many of you have busy lives jammed pack with work and just plain life. Sometimes I feel like I'm being pulled in so many directions that even my beloved lists can't help. Sometimes I just need a brain escape. Today I took my boys out in the front yard with some toys and brought my pruning sheers (aka my everything scissors) and cut all the dead daisies off the bushes. Pruning... Not your thing? Well it wasn't mine until I did it and realized how mindless it was... 1. Find plant with dead flowers 2. Remove dead flower 3. Don't zone out too much that you cut off fingers.

It was mindless and it had a great end results.  My plants look cleaner and beautiful and I had no brain freedom for 15 to 20 minutes....amazing.


There's Never Any Time!

Hey there!

So, I just got back from the TPT Vegas conference that was jam packed with tons of great information and it was super inspiring. So since I have been back I have been trying to pack in some work and social media time... but wait I have two small, adorable, busy, talkative boys. HA HA.... so probably like many of you my only choice is late nights. I heard the question over and over again... "Where do you find the time?" So my goal is to establish some routines. Maybe get up earlier instead of sleeping in until 7:30?! Who knows, but this mama needs to get some sleep! Here's to getting organized with my time.


Endangered Animals

Hey there!

I am so excited about this unit. I have jam packed a ton of learning and fun into this 78 page unit. There is math, science and of course literacy, even some fun art! I am in LOVE with this and can't wait to do it with my kiddos in the next couple of weeks. You have to check it out.



I decided to revamp my spelling centers and I thought why not share?! I hope you enjoy this spelling freebie. Have a great week! Just click on one of the images below and you will be taken to my TPT store.



Well... As I finish creating my last 1st grade unit in Wonders I find out that I might be moving to 2nd grade next year. I am definitely going to go through all the 2nd grade Wonders  creating more writing units and I am sure a lot more. Wish me luck!


Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day! If you haven't checked out my Earth Day pack yet you should. Even more so now that I put it on sale... 20% off all day. The packet has easy to implement activities with most having no prep besides making the copies. Here are a couple samples below...

What's included:


36 pages of great centers and supplements to a great mini unit on Earth Day. Common Core Aligned.

Alphabetical order: Alphabetical order center cards and worksheet

Contractions: Common contractions in puzzle piece form for fun center

Earth Day non fiction passage and comprehension:

Word search

Poetry: Read aloud poem and two blank acrostic poetry forms.

Writing prompt: How could I help take care of the earth:

How to plant a seed:

Recycling Mix-Up: Cut and paste recycling sort

Art: Coloring Sheet

Math story problem with Earth Art: An open ended addition story problem allowing for differentiation. Also Space to show work.

Time telling center: o’clock and half past math matching center

Math story problem worksheets: Addition/subtraction story problems and making 10’s story problems using 10 frames.

Learning Targets

Hey there!

So I'm sure your school is the same as mine in the fact that all the talk is over learning targets and learning goals. My team has been working hard to focus in on those goals/targets in a kid friendly way. We want it to be useful, meaningful and attainable (lets be honest, there needs to be more time in the day.. AHH)

Anyway, after cruising through Pinterest looking for new ways revamp my ideas I was inspired by a mix of ideas. It is so simple and I'm sure I am not the first, but it is working well in my room so I thought I would share.

I made each kiddo a popsicle stick and 3 cups with labels: "I got this" "I am unsure" and "I need help"
After I have completed the mini-lesson and guided problems and have sent my students on to independence I cycle around the room as I would normally checking in. Now though I give them their popsicle stick as I walk around. After the kids have attempted the work independently I remind them to "let me know how you feel". Kids trickle up and place their popsicle sticks in the cup. I instantly see my small group who has immediate needs, the kids I need to check in with and those kids who can proceed to math centers with minimal check in. What they love is moving their sticks from unsure or help to I got it.

It is instant feedback for me and for the students! So far I am loving it.


Going Batty!

Hey there!

So, I decided to revamp an oldie but a goodie this week. My "Going Batty Over Bats Unit". I have added a TON of great stuff including non-fiction passages with comprehension, a plethora of report styles and papers, bat math, science and art! Make sure to check it out!

No April Fooling Sale!

Hey there!

My 5 year old is so pumped for April Fools Day and you know what so am I. The kids may be off tomorrow in class and I may have a formal observation, but tomorrow will be great! How about a No April Fooling sale?! Everything in the store is 20% off April 1st.

Have a great rest of your week!


Desert Unit

Hey there!

I have been working hard on unit 6 in Wonders and decided I needed a little break. I love a great themed unit and my kids really do too! So, I made an awesome desert unit. It is jammed packed with non-fiction, comprehension, diagrams, tons of report opportunities/formats, math, science, websites and books I recommend to help you through the unit. You should really check it out it is one of my favorites yet. Once my kiddos are finished up with our rainforest unit, I am going to do the desert. What a fun way to compare biomes!

Have a great night!


Hey there!

So, one of my latest projects has been going through our Wonders language arts curriculum and really dissecting the writing and grammar portions. I have put together 4 of the 6 units so far.

Each unit is broken down into 6 weeks. I have put together brainstorming, graphic organizers, prompts, papers, key idea posters and 3 grammar practice worksheets for each week.

The great thing about these units is that you don't need to be doing Wonders for them to be beneficial to your writing program.

Since making these units my kids are getting through the process like never before. They are understanding the expectations and steps and really enjoying it. I am so glad I decided to make these units!

Check them out on my TPT... Here's a little glimpse