Nocturnal & Diurnal Animal Fun!

Hey there!

Every year I have done a nocturnal mini-unit with my kids. They absolutely love it. I decided to recreate some of my worksheets and modpodge activities into something more cohesive. It turned out great.

We take a closer look at owls and bats in the unit so the kids compare and contrast as well as look into each animal individually. I tried to make sure there is a little of each subject in the mini-unit.


This 17 page kit includes:
- Nocturnal vs. Diurnal sorting worksheet
- Nocturnal vs. Diurnal true or false
- Nocturnal animal KWL
- Owl Can/Have/Are worksheet
- Bat Can/Have/Are worksheet
- Bat vs.Owl Venn Diagram
- 24 nocturnal and diurnal picture cards for sorting game or put magnet on back and do sorting as a class on white board!
- Nocturnal animal list
- All about nocturnal animals report wheel (kids choose an animal, or have entire class do same animal. I have done both)
- Favorite Nocturnal Animal graph
- Nocturnal Animal word search

To get this unit for your own classroom. Just click any of the images. 

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